Fame Currency



We use fame currency to drive change through


We like to be first

First charity to harness the power of pop culture to tackle AIDS
First HIV / AIDS pediatric clinic in Africa
First impact music project for AIDS in Africa
FIrst NGO to ask the public to pay for AIDS drugs for children and families in Africa
First charitable text message campaign
First multi celebrity PSA made with iPhones
First organization to engage the music industry around a U.S. Truth Commission
First basic income project created in the slums of India for single Mothers
We like to create direct relief

We like creating events

We like making award-winning film and TV

Red Hot + Blue
Red Hot + Dance
Ain’t Nuthin’ But A She Thing
Inner City Blues - The music of Marvin Gaye
Alicia in Africa
We Are Together
Keep A Child Alive with Alicia Keys
We Are Here: a rally for freedom, equality, and justice
Let Me In with Alicia Keys
Blood Brother

We like creating campaigns

We Are Here Movement - one stop shopping to change the world
The Black America Refund
The Resolution - NowThis
23 Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America
17 More Ways You Could Be Killed If You Are Black in America - Now This
Fund A Mom
The Word is Calling Us - Faith Leaders call for Truth
Criminal Justice Reform Campaign directed to the Speaker of the House
Digital Death
NowThis: How Activist Leigh Blake Sparked Global Change in HIV/AIDS Treatment
The Time Is Now: Support Criminal Justice Reform
Alicia Keys at the Democratic National Convention Tribute to Mothers of the Movement
Alicia protest outside Nigerian Embassy to activate action for Kidnapped Chibok Girls
Alicia Red Dots Campaign
Cher Campaign - Keep A Child Alive
Keep A Child Alive
Multi-Celebrity Campaign - Keep A Child Alive
Key to life
Key to Life
We Are Here